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Thank you for showing interest in the Vallejo Raiders Youth Football Program! Teams are assigned by age and weight combination based on guidelines. Teams are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. There are no tryouts; there are no cuts. Participants can request a team, but it must fall within guidelines. Players are required to have a 2.0 GPA to participate. Without a 2.0 GPA, participants have to show a willingness to participate in a grade improvement program (academic probation). They will continue to participate but must be compliant by October 15th of the current season.


The season begins the 4th Monday in July and runs through the end of October. Please check with your head coach for weekly practice schedules. The post season will continue through the end of November if your team continues to advance through playoffs. If your team makes it through Regional championships, you will advance to Nationals. 

Post-season practice schedules will be set later in the season. 

Games can be held on Saturday or Sunday. Game schedules are completed by the executive board athletic director.


The participant and parent/caregiver will be required to sign a Code of Conduct. This code of conduct is strictly adhered to. Any violation by a parent or participant will be grounds for dismissal from the program. Good sportsmanship and respect to all coaches, board members, teammates and other organizations is mandatory. Any act of disrespect to a referee, judge, coach, board member, opposing team staff or player is grounds for immediate dismissal from the program.

If a participant or parent disrupts a practice, they will be asked to leave. Parents are allowed at practice, but not in practice area. This allows the coach to be able to create a one on one bond with each participant. 

Parents can enter the practice area 5 minutes before the end of practice. Coaches will make all announcements during this time. Please pick your player up on time. Participation in AYF is not a babysitting service, so please have respect for your coach and be on time.


Week 1 & 2: Players should wear shorts, t-shirt and cleats.

Players will be in full gear. Full gear consists of:

  1. Practice pants with pads
  2. Cleats
  3. Shoulder pads (provided)
  4. Helmet (provided)

Please make sure your player has plenty of WATER.


Football is a team sport. When one player misses practice, it has an impact on the entire team. As a result, practices should only be missed due to illness, personal reasons, or academics. However, the coach should be notified in advance, if possible, or as soon as you know the participant will be absent.


Full participation is $225. The participation fee covers: registration, membership fee, equipment, uniform, end-of-season banquet, scholastic program, participation trophy, and mentoring. Each player will be issued a helmet, shoulder pads, and game day jersey. These items will be collected at end of season. You can offset the cost by participating in our organization fundraiser at the Sonoma Raceways. You can earn $25 for a half day and $50 for full day towards your child's registration when you volunteer.

The Registration "Football" is not currently available.