2016 SCHEDULE (subject to change)
     HOME game start times will be as follows: CAD - 10:00 AM, TM - 12 NOON, JP - 1:00 PM, 15U - 3:00 PM.

     For AWAY games, please refer to the schedule for your team start times.

  Date Event/Opponent Location  
  Sunday, 08.28 JAMBOREE Fairfield HS, Fairfield  
  1. Saturday, 09.03 Sac Hornets St Patrick - St Vincent HOME
  2. Saturday, 09.10 Grant Chargers St Patrick - St Vincent HOME
      Saturday, 09.10 PICTURE DAY
  3. 09.17 or 09.18 Sac Raiders AWAY
  4. 09.24 or 09.25 Vacaville Jr. Bulldogs AWAY
  5.10.01 or 10.02 West Pitt AWAY
  6. 10.08 or 10.09 TBA AWAY
  7. Saturday, 10.15 San Francisco Bombers St Patrick - St Vincent HOME
  8. Saturday, 10.22 Palo Alto Knights St Patrick - St Vincent HOME
     10.29/10.30 Tiny Mite Bowl TBD
     11.05/11.06 Playoffs TBD
     11.12 Semi-Finals (Sac Raiders or Oakland Dynamites)
     11.27 All-Star Game (Vallejo Jaguars)

    Game start times are normally as follows:

  Cadets(C)8:00 AM
  Jr. Pee Wee(JPW)10:00 AM
  Tiny Might(TM)12:00 PM
  Pee Wee(PW)1:00 PM
  Jr. Midget(JM)3:00 PM
  Midget(MD)5:00 PM

    Occasionally, teams may be scheduled to play in different time slots.
    Re-scheduling is purely at the conference's discretion and outside of the control of the Vallejo Raiders board.